LIFE UPDATE + 14 things

one of my favorite shoots I’ve done with Zach!
we went to a little cafe and I couldn’t not snap pictures of her cuteness!

Life has been so good to us lately. We have had a lot of hard times in the past but things have been continuously looking up! Christmas this year was so special. Watching nova open presents was so fun, and we were just cracking up the whole time! Once all her presents were opened she still wanted to open up more and we had to tell her no. haha but…. later she found the unnopened presents and opened them all hahaha! I love her. we had to re-wrap but it was a memory I will never forget! Finding her so happy shredding a present with all the wrapping paper mess around her. :’) I just love the spirit that this season brings.

I love the way she looks at Zach <3

Nova is definintely the highlight of our life. She is so happy and fun loving. Her little laugh is the cutest thing, and watching her interact with zach is so happy! She ADORES him. He is definitely her hero. She is just so mellow and has this look in her eye that I can’t explain. Its like she is wise beyond her years. I haven’t taken enough time to appreciate how special of a soul she is. I lose my patience, and sometimes I am not as kind and loving as I should be towards her, but she has such a sensitive spirit so I need to do better at that.

I was reading this study, and it talked about how when children are throwing tantrums the part of their brain that understands reason and logic doesnt work. It’s running off of pure emotion, so sayinng things like “if you dont stop you’re getting a time out” doesn’t work well. Instead it said to get down to their level and talk with them, and give them support and love. I tried this and it was insane the difference it made to her. During her next tantrum I wanted to see the difference so I said “nova jade you need to stop, or youre going in timeout” and she turned away from me and made a sassy sound like “ehhhh” hahaha and then right after I knelt down and held her arms and talked in a sweet voice and said “sweetheart whats wrong? can you use your words to tell me why youre upset?” and she hugged me and asked to be picked up, and said that she wanted to put her baby to ‘na night’ ” :’) she has a little rocker bed that plays lullabies and she likes to give her babies bottles and put them to sleep in it, and she didn’t know where it was. It was something so simple that made such a big difference. I always do this now. πŸ™‚

I mean just look at this princess!?

I have seen a few bloggers do things like 12 things or 7 things or whatever number and its just the cutest idea so I wanted to try! I will be doing 14 things at least once a month (well thats the goal ?) I just chose 14 because its my lucky number and has been since I was like 5 haha

  1. the n key on my keyboard doesn’t work correctly soooo if you see words with two n’s thats why haha
  2. im currently obsessed with organizing things and those ghiradelli chocolate squares. (im actually eating them as I type this haha) they are pricey though so RIP to my bank account :’)
  3. zachary suprised me with the ghiradelli chocolates and flowers yesterday and it was the cutest thing! he did it for no reason other than he “loves me” which was so adorable.
  4. I used to never wear pajamas to bed, id just wear one of zachs old tshirts and underwear but lately I have been loving finding and wearing ACTUAL pajama sets! Its a miracle! haha I’m now always on the lookout for simple and cute sets! LMK if you have any good recs πŸ™‚
  5. I have been super motivated lately, and im getting so many things done which has made me feel really good! I had lost my motivation a little bit ago and it was kinda depressing, so Im glad that its back πŸ™‚
  6. nova is starting to grow a bit quicker than normal so she is growing out of a lot of clothes that I thought would fit her longer, but im so happy that she is finally getting bigger. she has always been in the first percentile, so maybe she will come out of it. but probably not haha
  7. my family came into town and my mom brought her new fiancΓ©. Id never met him so it was nice to finally be able to. She has been a widow for 15 years so this is very new and exciting for her. I love seeing her so happy. I haven’t seen her this way since my father was alive. its been really good
  8. my sisters came up and stayed with us as well and I love them. we have such a goofy relationship and we have fun together. we went out and took pictures a lot and its so hillarious and fun! I love that they support me and have the same interests because it makes spending time together so much better!
  9. whenever my family comes it reminds me of my past and how stupid i was. haha Its kinda funny but it also brings up some bad memories so if anyone has tips on how to forgive yourself lmk πŸ™‚
  10. I have been taking a photography course and it has been really helpful but at the same time I feel like now that I know more I understand less. Does that even make sense? bear with me as I try to learn and better my photography (and zachs) haha he takes a lot of pictures but I learn everything and then show him how to do it! Which actually helps me understand better because I have to teach it!
  11. my best friend nancy and I want to get matching/coordinating tattoos! we have a lot of ideas but if you have any cute best friend tat ideas leave them in the comments or email me! Idk if ill go through with it bc Im a pansy and cant ever make up my mind, but I love looking!
  12. i feel like the older I get the less judgemental/more understanding I become! I have never been very judgemental and am usually very accepting. people almost always feel comfortable around me, no matter what, but I just feel like the more I realize as I mature, the more empathetic, and therefore accepting I feel.
  13. now that christmas is over I am kind of missing summer. a lot. haha I love dressing for fall and winter but nothing beats summer. I hate the cold. I really would love living somewhere that I am warm year round.
  14. I love portrait photography! I never realized how much I liked it until seeing a lot of different artists work on pinterest but it facinates me so much and I really want to get more into it! Ahh! I just love being able to capture the depth in peoples eyes, and a look into their soul!
like this little cutie. she radiates joy. also don’t mind my legs. my spray tan needs a desperate refresh ?

well that was longer than I thought but I guess I had a lot to say! Its been a minute πŸ˜‰ thanks for reading! Love you beauties!


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