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These are the 5 original presets I have used to edit some of the photos you see on my Instagram feed. They add a very light + creamy feel to photos + are extremely versatile. They can be tweaked to work with any lighting. I have been developing these presets for a while now, and I’m so excited to share them with you!!

There are 5 unique edits:

MOONSTONE: this gives a very neutral, cool toned, creamy effect to photos, it goes with everything in one click, and I think it is my most popular from this pack!

GOLDEN HOUR: a personal favorite! this edit is exactly what it sounds like, a very golden, yet light and airy preset, it leaves your photos glowing, and sun-shine filled. A gorgeous warm edit.

URBAN CLAY: a very moody edit filled with earthy, and deep tones, it is high in contrast. The shadows stay toned down, while still leaving detail to images.

WHITE HAVEN: this edit makes any blue sky white, and is very neutral. one of my most treasured edits, because its the PERFECT neutral, and this edit will leave you with an extremely cohesive feed.

IVORY SAGE: this one is cool, light and airy, it has underlying blue and green tones throughout, giving off a beach vibe. I love this one for everything because it makes indoor/yellow lighting look good, and also works prefect on outdoor photos!

I hope you love these edits as much as I loved creating them! Make sure to tag #sabrinagrantpresets when you post with them! This is one of the best ways to help + support me!

Thank you so much for supporting me, and I truly hope these edits help you create something you love! If you need any help tweaking anything or there is something that you are unsure of, shoot me an email at and I will respond as promptly as possible!

Love Always,

Sabrina Xx


These presets are intended for use in Lightroom on a computer and are compatible only with RAW files.

All presets will always require a little tweaking to get right. The biggest thing to tweak will be exposure + white balance. I usually adjust exposure, white balance, and orange on the color wheel (for skin tone) on my photos. With a little practice, you’ll be feeling it out naturally in no time.

** It is important to note that these presets are formed on the most updated version of Lightroom. For those of you who don’t yet know, Lightroom switched their formatting to .xmp from .irtemplate. Therefore these presets are .xmp files. Lightroom MUST BE COMPLETELY UP TO DATE in order for these to work!


DOWNLOADING ON LIGHTROOM CLASSIC CC: Once downloaded, find the .zip folder titled SABRINA GRANT PRESET PACK so you know where your computer stored them. (usually to downloads) Then open Lightroom, and navigate to the Develop tab. On the left side you will see the word “presets” click the plus right next to it, and then hit “import presets” Next simply go to the folder you downloaded my presets to, and select all 5 presets and hit import! Restart Lightroom and you’re good to go!

DOWNLOADING ON LIGHTROOM CC: Once downloaded, find the .zip folder titled SABRINA GRANT PRESET PACK so you know where your computer stored them. (usually to downloads) Open Lightroom CC and navigate to the editor. (top right) then click “presets” at the bottom right. Hit the three dots at the top next to the word presets, and then select “import presets” select all 5 presets and then hit import! Restart Lightroom and you’re good to go


All sales are final.

Because these presets cannot be returned, unfortunately we do not issue refunds.

By purchasing this product, you agree to the following:
– You have read the instructions
– The product is copyrighted and may not be shared between parties or resold. Suspicious download activity will be reported and fined.


  1. Rachelle Valenzuela

    I absolutely LOVE these presets. They are so beautiful. They make my simple iPhone photos look professional and look good in all types of lighting. Worth every penny!

  2. Alicia (verified owner)

    I have always struggled to feel good about my instagram feed. Id constantly go through many filters on vsco and never feel like i found the right one. I recently bought lightroom and purchased presets off of the first person i could find on instagram and it honestly tore me because i spent hundreds on presets i didnt even like. I recently came across sabrinas account and noticed that sells presets too! It was a big push to try this over again but i dont regret this purchase one single bit!! My feed is so perfect & professional now! I highly recommend these presets! All are beautiful!

    • Sabrina Grant

      This makes me so so happy, and it’s so good to hear! I really appreciate your business and I truly am grateful I get to do this, it’s thanks to people like you!!!

  3. Cheryl Hayres (verified owner)

    These presets are incredibly amazing! I was hesitant to purchase these as I have spent a lot of money in the past on presets that simply weren’t worth it. This preset pack is like magic. Simply turns a dull lit average photo into a work of gold. I would highly recommend them to everyone! I have never found presets like this before and these are seriously the best I’ve ever come across. You will definitely not be disappointed and the customer service from Sabrina was simply amazing!

    • Sabrina Grant

      Thank you so so much!! One of the kindest things you could say, and that really means the world to me!

  4. Mckenna (verified owner)

    I was dying to get these presets and once I got them, my feed changed IMMEDIATELY. they are so user friendly and absolutely gorgeous. Sabrina helped me figure out how to use them on mobile and so I have the presets everywhere I go! Everyone needs to make this purchase! Don’t even think twice about It!

    • Sabrina Grant

      Thank you Kenna! You are an absolute angel!! Im so glad my presets helped to change your feed, and I’m glad you have the ease of using them on mobile now!!

  5. Sydney Mcinnes

    Absolutely LOVE these presets. 7 amazing options to brighten and warm up your feed. I’m so happy to finally have a cohesive aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed!! Yay! 10/10 would recommend !

    • Sabrina Grant

      Awww yay!! Your recommendation really means the world to me!! Thank you!!

  6. Krista McRae

    Purchasing the SabrinaGrant presets was the best thing I ever did to up my Instagram game! I can honestly say these presets make SUCH a huge difference to your photos & it seriously simplified the editing process for me by a long shot. Ever since I started using them I’ve gotten a ton of DM’s asking how I achieve the beautiful neutral creamy tones and I have nothing but this pack of presets to thank 🙂

    • Sabrina Grant

      Oh my goodness! You are too freaking kind!! Seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart! Im so glad that my presets have made things easier for you!! Also Im so glad others are loving your newly edited photos as well!! Send them my way, and I’d love to help others out as well!

  7. Cynthia (verified owner)

    THESE ARE THE MOST WONDEFFUL PRESETS, SABRINA! I tried forever to get a look I wanted in Lightroom and your presets made it so easy and exciting! Now every picture I take, I imagine how the colors and setting will look with your presets. Thanks so much for the endless beautiful pictures♡

    • Sabrina Grant

      YAY!!! That makes me so so happy to hear! Honestly music to my ears!!! You are so very welcome!

  8. Betzi Q. (verified owner)

    These presets have made editing pictures so much fun! I absolutely love them! I edit basically every single picture I have of my baby because it just makes all the difference! Great work!

    • Sabrina Grant

      I totally feel you there! I take a picture, and instantly I take it to Lightroom to edit! Its so much fun for me, and I glad it is now for you as well!!

  9. Brittney Gunther (verified owner)

    This preset package has changed my life. I’ve always had a need to create but have always held myself back with my lack of knowing how. Until I came across Sabrina’s presets. I instantly fell in LOVE! I have zero background in light room or having a cohesive Instagram page and have longed for both! It’s so simple with how she has everything set up and explained on her website. The steps are all layed out for you so simply. Not to mention that Sabrina is pretty much the coolest person ever. She’s so honest and friendly. My favorite thing about supporting her, other than the fact that these presets are awesome, is that she’s so down to earth and has awesome standards. If you get them – you will not be disappointed. I’d highly recommend it. ❤️ Thanks for helping me reach my goals Sabrina!

    • Sabrina Grant

      YOU ARE THE BEST EVER!!! Seriously thank you a million times over! You are literally the best! This is such an amazing thing to hear and really makes me feel so proud and happy! I am also so happy for you!! I really do try my best to be as authentic as possible! Thank you for supporting me! Really can never thank you enough!

  10. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I bought these presets at the end of March and they have been a total game changer for my instagram! They have completely changed the look and feel of my feed! My favorite is SabrinaGrant1 because I feel like it looks good on literally almost EVERY photo I take. There are definitely times I do a little tweaking to get my pictures exactly how I want them but obviously that’s expected. She has done such a great job! No matter which one you choose it will still go with the others. She has made them to give your feed a cohesive look and it’s amazing! Thank you so much Sabrina! These presets were the makeover my Instagram was looking for! Well worth it!!!

    • Sabrina Grant

      I’m SO GLAD you’ve found one that works so seamlessly with your photos! Im also so glad you are finally loving your feed and excited to edit! Thats one of my main goals! Getting others excited to edit! I really feel so grateful and humbled that you find so much value in the presets I have created!

  11. Haley Moore

    I absolutely LOVE these presets! They are my absolute fav! I just love what the presets do to my pictures and and the different colors that stand out for each one. Sabrina is also amazing! I had some technological problems because I’m super bad with technology but she was SO HELPFUL! & I’m grateful for that! Don’t hesitate to buy these presets! They are amazing!! You will love them!

    • Sabrina Grant

      Yay!!! I try my best to get everything figured out for everyone when it comes to technical issues because at times myself I have so much trouble! Haha!! 😉 Im so glad you love them, and hope they continue to help you learn, and develop the feed you are looking for!!

  12. Brittany (verified owner)

    I have purchased other lightroom presets before and been disappointed at how much time it took to make them look decent on my photos, but seeing how life-changing Sabrina’s set has been for others, I decided to go for it. I have never been happier with any other set of presets! Sabrina has curated a selection of edits that are easy to apply, don’t take much tweaking and make all of your photos–dslr or phone–look effortlessly beautiful. She has done an amazing job at delivering the best presets out there. Thank you!! ♡

    • Sabrina Grant

      OH MY GOODNESS! YAYAYAY! this really makes my whole life!! This is exactly what I can only hope to hear! Thank you for loving my edits, and supporting me all along the way! Im truly grateful!

  13. Brooklyn (verified owner)

    These presets are incredible!! Sabrina sent me instructions on how to set up on mobile and within 20 minutes I had gorgeous presets on my phone.
    These presets make my photos look basically like professional photography & are so simple to use.
    I don’t know what magic she worked on these, but they are worth every penny!

  14. Maddy @maddyrosegrey (verified owner)

    I have been back & forth with a bunch of presets, spending way more money than I would like to admit trying to find my perfect style for me that is unique to myself & my profile. After many attempts & fails with other presets, I decided to buy Sabrina’s presets after talking to her a bit about her editing & how she was SO HELPFUL WITH EVERYTHING & even offers to tweak it to your perfection if needed! I now am able to edit effortlessly with literally hard none tweaking at all! I feel my feed coming together in my own style all while using her presets! I am so happy & I feel like Sabrina has answered all of my prayers!! If you are up in the air about what presets to buy, definitely hands down purchase #sabrinagrantpresets! You will not regret it! She is so helpful & your photos will be beautiful! Thank you so much for your hard work girl & helping me with everything! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you! & you already know I am purchasing your new presets coming out! (: The best presets I have ever used!

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