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I am obsessed with this whole pack!! It is full of gorgeous peachy/pinky toned presets that you’re sure to love!! I created these presets to be ONE-CLICK! They should have your photos looking amazing in no time! You can download these presets on your phone, and start editing in the Lightroom app right away!

There are 9 unique edits:

AMETHYST: Just like it sounds this one is more purple-like in tone and looks so good on every photo. Adding deep purple hues, and crisp clean whites. This will give your feed a very cohesive purple toned feel!

ROSIE: Pink and light, this preset gives pops of red, and gives off a glow from within feel! It’s incredibly gorgeous and oh so versatile!

NECTAR: This one is more light, subtle and crisp. It lightens the highlights, and adds minimal, soft tones of peachy goodness to your photographs! It is amazing!

SCARLETT: With deep tones of pink and red this preset is sure to amaze! This one is a more moody/heavy edit, and it hasn’t failed to amaze yet!

WILDFLOWER: A crisp, clean, bright, and incredibly versatile preset. This one mayyyyy be my favorite. It has the most subtle pink tones, has a light warmth, and is just breathtakingly simple. It is a very light edit that is perfect to enhance, rather than change photos! It’s a one-click wonder!

PEACHY: Just like is sounds this fills any image with peachy colors and warmth. It reminds me of a warm summer day bitting into a peach! It is the perfect warm edit! I am so obsessed with how cohesive a feed could become with this one!

SUNRISE: This brings out all the colors in sunrises/sunsets. I debated naming it sunset/sunrise for so long, but I like how sunrise sounds better! This is so pinky and so delicious! I seriously love it so much. It has worked with every photo so magically!

FLEUR: This one is light and crisp, with all different color undertones! This word is French for flower and that fits it perfectly! It lightens and adds such gorgeous tones throughout the whole photograph! It is so simple + light but makes such a difference!

B + W LOVE: This is my favorite black and white edit! It looks truly incredible and is perfect for every photo! It’s so incredibly versatile, and I just love how it looks on everything! It is a classic and I am obsessed! I use it a lot on romantic type photos and its a dream! <3


In order to have the presets look the best of their ability, you may have to adjust: exposure, shadows, and highlights as needed. The only other thing that may need adjusting is orange on the color wheel (for skin tone.) If your skin looks too dark, simply turn the luminance of orange up. if it looks too washed out, turn it down. If it’s too saturated, bring the saturation slider down, and vice versa. Skin tone is the hardest to perfect, but I tried my best to make these as versatile as possible. I hope you enjoy them!


1) Download the Lightroom and Winzip apps.

2) Next wait for the email sent from “SHE AND THEY”. That will contain your download link.

3) Click the download link and when the .zip file comes up, click on it then tap “open with Winzip”

4) Once the .zip file is in Winzip, click “DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS”. That PDF will have the rest of the instructions for downloading the presets onto your phone, and then how to use them in Lightroom!


I hope you love these edits as much as I loved creating them! Make sure to tag #sabrinagrantpresets when you post with them! This is one of the best ways to help + support me!

Thank you so much for supporting me, and I truly hope these edits help you create something you love! If you need any help tweaking anything or there is something that you are unsure of, shoot me an email at and I will respond as promptly as possible!

Love Always,

Sabrina Xx


All sales are final.

Because these presets cannot be returned, unfortunately, we do not issue refunds.


By purchasing this product, you agree to the following:
– You have read the instructions
– The product is copyrighted and may not be shared between parties or resold. Suspicious download activity will be reported and fined.

1 review for THE BLOOM PACK

  1. Jillian

    I purchased this package on Valentine’s Day when Sabrina launched them, and I can’t wait to use them. We live in such a cloudy state – Washington – and they brighten up almost any picture. I tested them on photos from summer/spring and OMG you guys, I can’t wait! They pinky, red tones, with the brightness are just AMAZING. I can’t wait to really start using them, especially in natural lighting! Sabrina is SO talented and I swear she makes it so easy to install and use! ONE CLICK and your photos are transformed! Please, do yourself the favor and check out all of her other preset packages as well! You won’t be disappointed! Xoxo!

    • Sabrina Grant

      ?? thank you!!!!!! This means the whole world to me!

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