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A light,  bright, and airy preset pack. Adding creaminess to all your images! This is the very first preset pack I ever created and it’s so special to me! You can download these presets from your phone, and start using them in the Lightroom app right away.

There are 5 unique edits: moonstone, golden hour, urban clay, white haven, and ivory sage.

MOONSTONE: This gives a very neutral, cool toned, creamy effect to photos, it is the most versatile preset. I think it is my most popular as well!

GOLDEN HOUR: A personal favorite! This edit is exactly what it sounds like. A very golden, yet light and airy preset. It leaves your photos glowing, and sun-shine filled. The perfect warm edit!

URBAN CLAY: A very moody edit filled with earthy, and deep tones. It is high in contrast. The shadows stay toned down while giving a creamy earthy glow!

WHITE HAVEN: This edit makes any blue sky white, and is very neutral. One of my most treasured edits, because its the PERFECT neutral. It desaturates while still keeping life in images!

IVORY SAGE: A cool, light and airy preset. It has underlying blue and green tones throughout, giving off a beach vibe. I love this one for everything because it makes indoor/yellow lighting look good, and also works perfectly on outdoor photos!


In order to have the presets look the best of their ability, you may have to adjust: exposure, shadows, and highlights as needed. The only other thing that may need adjusting is orange on the color wheel (for skin tone.) If your skin looks too dark, simply turn the luminance of orange up. if it looks too washed out, turn it down. If it’s too saturated, bring the saturation slider down, and vice versa. Skin tone is the hardest to perfect, but I tried my best to make these as versatile as possible. I hope you enjoy them!


1) Download the Lightroom and Winzip apps.

2) Next wait for the email sent from “SHE AND THEY”. That will contain your download link. 

3) Click the download link and when the .zip file comes up, click on it then tap “open with Winzip”

4) Once the .zip file is in Winzip, click “DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS”. That PDF will have the rest of the instructions for downloading the presets onto your phone, and then how to use them in Lightroom! 


I hope you love playing with these edits as much as I enjoyed creating them. Please use #sabrinagrantpresets for a chance to be featured on my story on Instagram, and so I can see the magic you create with them!

Thank you so much for supporting me, and I truly hope these edits help you create something you love! If you need any help tweaking anything or there is something that you are unsure of, shoot me an email at and I will respond as promptly as possible!

Love Always,

Sabrina Xx


All sales are final.

Because these presets cannot be returned, unfortunately, we do not issue refunds.


By purchasing this product, you agree to the following:
– You have read the instructions
– The product is copyrighted and may not be shared between parties or resold. Suspicious download activity will be reported and fined.

16 reviews for THE ORIGINAL PACK

  1. Susan

    These presets are so easy to install, and IM OBSESSED WITH THEM!!! Literally the best purchase I’ve ever made. They make every photo I have look AMAZING! Can not recommend them enough! They are life changing! If you’re even considering purchasing, JUST DO IT!!! ?

    • Sabrina Grant (verified owner)

      Susan, this means so much!! Thank you X a million!!

  2. Devon (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE these mobile presets! They’re so easy to use and make your photos look GORGEOUS! I love that you have so many options to choose from too. Thanks so much! To anyone wondering if they’re worth it, they are!

    • Sabrina Grant (verified owner)

      You are so so sweet! Thank you! I’m glad you love them!

  3. mrnrs01 (verified owner)

    Absolutely love them!! So easy to use, and minimal adjustment. Makes your images come to life, and gives them detail. They will instantly change your feed!!

    • Sabrina Grant (verified owner)

      Thank you sooo much! This means a lot, and I’m so happy you love them so much!

  4. shanntelortega (verified owner)

    I am so happy I came across Sabrina’s page! Her presets are by far the best I’ve purchased. Installation was super fast and easy. Golden hour and Ivory Sage are my favorite.

    • Sabrina Grant (verified owner)

      Thank you oh so much!!!!! ❤️❤️ You are the kindest, and I so appreciate you!

  5. Maria Blanco (verified owner)

    LOOOVEEE the presets! I’m so happy I came across Sabrina’s page. So excited to start using them for my business ??

  6. Alex Roth (verified owner)

    This presets are AMAZING. Since I’ve been using them I’ve been getting so many compliments and people are always asking me how I edit my photos. I like to pretend I’m just really, really good at editing LOL. You can definitely see a difference on my instagram too. My recent pictures look so dreamy and professional. Just remember these are just a base and if you learn to play around with the other settings in Lightroom you can really do a lot of cool stuff!

  7. brinmckay1 (verified owner)

    I’ve never used presets before but just bought these and I already love them! They are super easy to use and install and I love the creamy colors it gives to my pictures! Super happy with these (:

  8. Vannessa R (verified owner)

    I was worried this seemed way too easy to download, I was almost expecting there to be a catch. Luckily I was wrong! Super quick and the presets are adorable. My goal is a cohesive board, so I can’t wait to start using them!

  9. Talya H (verified owner)

    First of all, Sabrina is super sweet. She helped me with some trouble I was having with my email so gracefully. They are quick and easy to download, and I was too excited to use them I couldn’t go to sleep. Ivory Sage knows the way to my heart. Only thing I regret is not getting them sooner!

  10. Talya (verified owner)

    I’ve never loved the way my pictures looked this much! Specially since they were so easy to use! Ivory Sage works so well with what I was looking for! Worth the purchase!

  11. Jamie F

    I’ve purchased a lot of presets, but these are the best I’ve come across! Not only that, but Sabrina is so gracious in answering any and all questions. The quality of these presets and her customer service are top notch!

    • Sabrina Grant (verified owner)

      Oh my goodness! Thank you so so much! ? I really try to only put out my best! I highly appreciate you taking the time to leave this review! ?

  12. Jillian

    This preset pack is just to die for…not to be dramatic or anything. Sabrina has made it SO easy to install, so easy to make your photos from great to AMAZING. Seriously guys, just one click and like magic your photos are amazingly beautiful. I can not recommend this preset package enough. Not only do you need this package, you need them ALL. Trust me.

    • Sabrina Grant (verified owner)

      ??? thank you!!!!!

  13. Kristin

    I love how easy these presets are to use! In just a couple clicks my photos go from being very poor quality to beautiful and timeless. Thank you for offering these at a great price!

  14. Mandi

    I absolutely love these presets! I have been eyeing them for a few months and finally decided to just purchase them! I only wish I did it SOONER!!! One click is literally all it takes to transform my photos and make them look so pretty! Installation was super Easy too!! I highly recommend!!! ❤️

  15. Natalie W

    These are by far the best presets i’ve owned! One click and your pictures look amazing and 100% better. Go from dark to bright and airy. Golden hour is my personal favorite to get a cool goldeny tone. Sabrina is also super nice and has great customer service and is fast in responding. No joke, the best! If you’re considering buying these, stop what your doing and jump on it! So worth it.

  16. Shanessa Brown

    I love it so much!

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