To love and be loved

How can I be more like them?.. pure. loving. patient. kind. forgiving. selfless. obedient. God tells us to be like little children. The best way I know how is to think back to when I was a child.

What was the biggest difference in myself from then to now? Why is it so easy for me to get caught up in such worldly things? Why is it so much harder for me to be present in the moment or get so much joy from such simple things? To hearken so well to the voice of God? To love my family perfectly?

I truly believe it is just a mindset. A mindset that has slowly shifted over the years as temptations and distractions come along.

As a child I looked to the future with hope, trust and faith. I loved so easily, and was loved in return. Whether it was love from family and friends or love from God. When I was young I didn’t have nearly the amount of stress or pressure or responsibility that I have now. So it was easier to be happy. But then we grow up and life happens and crap hits the fan it’s easy to think negative thoughts and start to focus on things that don’t seem so overwhelming. That’s where the little distractions come in. We shift our focus onto things of unimportance in attempt to ease our own burdens by way of distraction instead of letting Christ ease those burdens for us.

Christ suffered so that he would be able to help us through life as we need. So he would understand with a perfect knowledge what we are going through, and will go through. He is there for us as we can no longer bear the burdens on our own. Just as any parent would do for their child.

I know that as we turn to the lord in times of trouble, stress, or worry instead of worldly distractions that we will become more like little children. We will be more Christlike and more fully be able to feel the joy that we were put on this earth to feel. That we will better be able to experience the most precious and incredible thing we can in mortality. To love and be loved.


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  1. February 25, 2019 / 3:28 PM

    So beautiful! It put tears in my eyes, especially the rendering of our savior. You’ve got it all right — love and be loved 🙂


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