Hey guys! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here, but I’m going to be a lot more consistent! swear. I have been getting asked more recently about some of my favorites products regarding skin care or baby clothes and honestly a lot of random stuff like that, so I thought i’d do a weekly favorites round up of a bunch of random items that I’m loving at the moment! anywhere from beauty products to home decor, to baby items, photography gear, any and all of that! So without further adu.. here are this week’s favorites!


It is absolutely incredible! All the reviews are true! My eyelashes are SO LONG now! Mine are naturally long already, but this makes them look like I wear extensions. WORTH EVERY PENNY. Also, you can’t just get this stuff from Amazon or somewhere random. Make sure it’s from the actual company or a verified reseller on the company website because people will try to sell it cheaper and they just pour in random stuff in the babe lash bottles :/ so be careful. the link through here is good, and it helps me earn some extra cash, so buying through my links is much appreciated 🙂


you guys… you know I’m all about sustainability and this is my GO-TO. for real though, it’s so convenient. I throw it in my diaper bag or purse before I go anywhere because you never know! I have ones for at home and you can check those out here. but I love the collapsible one for on the go!


Okay, these are perfect for so many things. Use them as produce bags, carrying fruit or loose items to the beach, even a fun photo shoot for Instagram 😉 and again, coming back to the environment and sustainability.. you can leave these in your car along with these reusable shopping bags so we can try to reduce our plastic waste 🙂 it such a simple switch to make, and it’s so helpful to the environment and ESPECIALLY the sea animals since 10% of all plastic ends up in the ocean 🙁 also.. if you forget to bring them in, you can easily just NOT USE ANY bags. I’ve done this before when I had to grab a few things from the store super quick and forgot the bags, and it wasn’t as hard as you’d think. just use self-checkout and put the items straight into your cart, then just transfer the items to the bags in your car to carry inside your home 🙂


They are so dang soft, and I order a size or 2 up so I can wash and dry them and they still fit! they come in tons of colors, and have a thin version for summer and thick for winter! for $15 bucks these really can’t be beat! Amazon has some amazing kids clothes for so cheap!


it is my go-to. Everyone raves about this stuff for good reason. I have tried tons of other kinds and I just don’t love any of them like I do shape tape. It lasts me literally 6 months-a year because i hardly wear any concealer. I wear it throughout the whole day and it never gets dried out. It’s creamy and doesn’t crease at all if you set it! I use the Laura Mercier setting powder, and it is worth EVERY. penny. when it comes to skincare/makeup, I’m willing to splurge because, after all, your skin is your largest organ, we should be taking care of it 🙂


Okay, but on the real… this thing is the best $20 you’ll ever spend! it works like a charm. I wish I knew how to insert videos so you could see. imagine a sweater or pillow or anything of cloth covered in lint balls.. then you run this baby over it and it’s like NEW. Truly incredible and it has made so many items of mine look new again when I was ready to get rid of them! make sure to select the rechargeable one! that way you don’t have to keep buying batteries.

That’s all I have for this week, I hope you enjoyed! If you get anything, let me know!!! I would love to hear your experience with these products and if you love them as much as me 🙂 look out for my fathers day guide coming in the next few days!



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